Thursday, March 18, 2004

Bagpuss in Russian hat shocker

Witho watches television programme

One of the few things I watch on television during the week is Grand Designs. You know the one (well, you will if you're British...), the formula goes something like this:

The thing that gets me is that the women are either already pregnant at the start of the build, or "fall" pregnant ("oops, I just fell on some sperm and it fertilised me eggs!") during the build. Why don't they plan it properly, wait until they've settled in? They really need a Witho around to give them some practical advice... I suppose Channel 4 like to pick the more risky, dramatic builds as it makes for better television, but it just gets a bit tiresome - before the ad break, Kevin will say: "So, the build appears to be going to schedule, but Jacinta has some news which will really put the pressure on" - oh, I wonder what that could be...

I do like McCloud though. He reminds me of Louis Theroux in his style of interviewing - and as far as La Witho is concerned, Theroux can do no wrong. Yesterday, McCloud described the darkness of the "earth sheltered" house the posh couple were building as "a stygian gloom" - you've got to love that. An old colleague of mine used to describe my eyes as "stygian" - they are almost black, in stark contrast to my deathly pale complexion... I am a bit of a weirdo - with dark eyes and dark hair, you'd expect me to have dark skin, but oh no, La Witho has to be different. I have the complexion of a redhead - just with fewer freckles...

Running up that hill

I'm quite pleased with myself this morning. I got up at 07:15 and went for a run. It's the furthest I've run for quite some time, and almost half of it was uphill (we live at the top of a hill - with, incidentally, an impressive vista of London from The Dome to the West End - so you can't avoid going up a hill at some point or another). When I reached the top of the final incline and approached the block of flats, I could have gone home at that point, but I carried on, feeling really strong. It was like I'd found my second wind, like I was floating down the other side of the hill with little effort required. I *almost* enjoyed it... *slaps self*


Well, I've had my porridge and my cup of tea - time to get on with the chores (once I've gone through the blogroll of course...). Today, the estate agent is coming round to take photos of the flat.

*looks at the shambles that is the spare room*

Hmmm, maybe I'll tell him not to take any photos in here...

[UPDATE] Cuh! He didn't even take any internal photos! All that cleaning and tidying for nothing![/UPDATE]

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