Friday, March 05, 2004


Since all I seem to be able to talk about at the moment is driving and property selling, and I'm also feeling guilty about blogging all the time when I probably should be looking for a job, I'm handing the virtual pen over to the BF for mine and his first "Guest Post", since he's off work today...

Take it away, Big Fella:

Err, hello. I am thinking about becoming a blogger, possibly even twice over, and getting a moblog. I am thinking having one might be a useful tool for work and having another might be kind of good for getting things out of my system. I remember I once went to a Greek summer school and enjoyed myself so much I felt empty afterwards, so I got out an (utterly crap) QL and did a diary on it for a few days and that saw me through those bad feelings. However I don't want to be in the position of the tail wagging the dog and feeling I must blog or else and I don't ever want to feel bad because of stuff being written on my blog, as I know has been the case with a few of you in recent times. Is it worth it? What would I get out of it? Could it really just be a tool without making me feel bad? I want to feel that my blog is my blog and I am completely in control of it but that when I step out into someone else's I am going into someone else's world which I might be able to comment on but have no right to expect to conform with my preconceived ideas in any way shape or form. I'd like to use my work blog perhaps for parents and pupils at school to get in touch and so they could see what we got up to and also I could have a tool to talk to people in a similar position without having to go to musty, fusty old conferences. What options are there for me to use to set up blogs and moblogs? What are the pros and cons? Please give me your thoughts so I can go (or not go!) into this with my eyes open.

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