Monday, March 15, 2004

Monday moans

Don't worry, no more dreams to recount this morning, you're safe...

I hate getting up late. I think I'm going to love it, but when it comes to it, I feel guilty and usually sluggish as a result. That's what happened today. I set the alarm for 9am, thinking that, for a lady of leisure, it would be a reasonable time to get up. However, when the Big Fella was getting ready for work this morning, I decided to cancel the alarm and sleep in, which I did, and now I feel bad. I also feel bad for spending so much time blogging...

I have no structure in my life at the moment since I finished working for [insert company name] - I am free to do whatever I want. But, like many of us humans, to deal with the absurdity of my existence (you can tell I studied Sartre and Camus at university) I have started to build my own little routine to deal with the emptiness of my days.

where x is the only "variable".

Last week, x equalled the following:

Hmmm, I sense a theme here - I should more truthfully say "where x = shopping"... but hang on Witho, you haven't got a job, have you? No, dear reader, which leads to further guilt...

However, the sale of the flat is going through like wildfire - should have my big wodge of cash just after Easter. I could make it earlier, but if I'm working (which I could be at short notice), I'll need the Easter weekend to gather all my stuff together and for each item of "stuff", decide whether to:

Recycling woes

This weekend was our regular trip to the local "recycling centre" (or "dump" as it used to be known). Now, we live in the London Borough of Greenwich, but the Greenwich dump is miles away from us! There is one much nearer, which comes under the Borough of Bexley. Because we are not residents of Bexley, we have to pay £4 to recycle our stuff there. Hang on, shouldn't we be encouraging people to recycle?

Furthermore, there are some recycling bins just down the road, in a car park. My eyes roll skyward whenever I approach a recycling container to find that it is riddled with restrictions, such as:

So much of what we recycle is made up of junk mail, plastic non-milk bottles and food packaging. Again, we should be encouraging people to recycle. Luckily, at the dump we can recycle all of these things, but it's hardly a pleasant place to go, and I baulk at having to pay for it...

So there

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