Friday, March 19, 2004

Raising the game

Big Fella decided to raise the stakes on the Bagpuss tableaux last night, coming up with:


and "Shagpuss" (starring Beanie Bagpuss and Teddy - oh, and a bit of my arm...):

Note (for Ian): no Bagpi were harmed during the making of these images.

In other news

We're off to Scumpton this weekend. This will allow me to:

Witho in "has a good idea" shocker!

Yesterday, BF sent me a text message asking me to send all the documents on the laptop to his email address. "But why?" I enquired.

Well, readers, this laptop has been p*ssing us off for some time. The long and short of it is, I think the OS needs updating, but I can't be arsed to download all the updates off Microsoft - they just take hours (no broadband here, kids). It belongs to BF's school, so he has asked the IT bods to blummin' well sort it out, or else! But they say they need to wipe the disk, hence BF's request to get all the docs on email...

"Even better than that" shrieks Witho, and unwields her magical, mysterious MP3 player. As well as being an MP3 player (and WMA and WAV and gawd knows what else) it also acts as an external hard drive - with 128Mb of storage available. So I schlapped the lot onto there. Okay, for some of you nerds, 128Mb is nowhere near enough space (I remember my first home PC which had 40Mb of hard drive...thems were the days...) but it's ample for a few Latin vocab tests and my cv... So I'll need to re-install the loader software to be able to get all the documents back off again...

The upshot (this originally came out as "upsnot") of all this is, early next week, we won't have the laptop. And unless I get my arse down to some Internet café, or I get a job which has Internet access, I won't be able to post for a few days. Now, readers, do you think you'll be able to cope? Hmmm, I thought so...

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