Friday, March 26, 2004

She's ba-ack!

Yes, the laptop's back in action. After an initial hitch, where it still wouldn't recognize the modem, I realised that I was making it look for the "pretend" modem which I'd invented, and once I switched it to the actual, living, breathing modem, it was fine. Phew! I nearly chucked the thing out of the window, I tell ya!

New toes

You'll notice from the picture above (well, not if you're Tilesey, who won't be able to see it... although he should be able to see the one on the sidebar - no, I'm not sure why that is either...) that I am now sporting a different colour on my toenails. I got one of these £5 No7 vouchers from Boots for spending over £10, and rather than falling into the trap of buying something I didn't want or need which cost *over* £5, I instead opted to fall into the trap of buying something I didn't want or need which cost *about* £5 (well, £5.75 - actually, that's a lot for a nail varnish - bring back Constance Carroll I say...heh heh heh). So I got this fetching lavender coloured nail varnish - not sure if I like it yet... Ray, you're the expert, what do you think? ;)

Witho - the scrubber!

While I was in Boots, I also bought some of this stuff (ah, see Witho, that voucher did lure you in to buy further extraneous items... they stitched you up like a kipper!) - but I tell you what, it's good stuff. Left me feeling all soft and scrubbed and clean. Mm mm! (Note to self: Boots website is horrifically slow, avoid in future...)

What else?

Got up early this morning to accompany Big Fella to his Friday morning tradition - a greasy fry-up with his colleague from school. Scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast - mmmmm!


I ran 5km yesterday and felt very pleased with myself as a result - although it was pretty slow, but that's down to the hills which I'm not used to yet... I felt I could have gone further too - so next time, maybe I will!


Just had another call from the agency about a job in Lee, which *is* local, but I think I'd like to see what happens about this school job first... but will the woman from the agency hate me if I turn down another job? I'm not sure about temping etiquette...

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