Tuesday, March 09, 2004

This week I are be mostly...

... spending money, despite the fact that I don't appear to have a job at the moment!

Yesterday, I went to Ikea, and purchased:

I was just too excited by the fact that we live only 20 minutes from an Ikea, when I've spent the last five and a half years "between Ikeas" - yes, in Southampton, you are about equidistant from Croydon, Brent Park or Bristol (I used to opt for Bristol to avoid the M25), all of which take about an hour and a half to get to. So this was quite a novelty, not having to make a whole day of it. And I got to go through the Dartford tunnel on the way, and over the bridge on the way back (can't remember what that bridge is called now...). What an exciting life I lead, readers!

So that was yesterday's hoard. Today, I decided it was about time I went to TK Maxx again. This time, I had a specific purpose in mind. I absolutely *had* to buy a purse. Not just any purse though, this one had to be pink. Now, those who have known Witho for a long time (i.e. no-one who reads this blog...) will find it hard to believe that Witho would want *anything* pink (preferring to both clad and accessorize herself almost entirely in black), but since meeting the BF, I seem to have rediscovered my girly side, and now possess not just one, but a number of pink items.

So, off I went to the Maxx in search of this elusive pink purse. Could I find one? Could I 'eck as like.... But not to worry, because I found..... these:

Granted, you can't put all your credit cards and whatnot in them, and the coins would just fall out, but aren't they just adorable?

Again, the Witho of yesteryear would never have entertained such footwear, but another thing to add to my list of ch-ch-ch-changes below would be the wearing of dainty shoes. I spent most of my twenties clumping around in DMs, Pods and Kickers, convinced that, being a chunky lass, I couldn't "carry off" anything girly or pretty. But then one day my sister convinced me to try on some sandals which consisted only of two straps of lilac coloured flowers on a thin sole. It was like a revolution, seeing my own tootsies in such a pair of shoes. I haven't looked back since then...

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