Saturday, March 20, 2004

To schlop or not to schlop...

Curries. You've got to love 'em. Well, you haven't *got* to, there's no law in this land which says "Thou shalt love curry", no. No-ones going to come round, tie you up and say "Oi, 'ere's a curry, LOVE IT, or else!" are they? So I lied. So kill me. Anyway, I digress. Whether eaten-in or taken-away, a curry makes for a delicious meal - particularly, in the case of the BF and me, on a Friday night. Ahhh, such creatures of habit, bless us...

Now, being a "noticer of phenomena" by trade, I have noticed a phenomenon with regard to the way people eat curry. Essentially, I find that males and females tend to eat curry using distinct methodologies:

The boy's methodology

  1. Take rice container
  2. Tip entire contents of rice container onto plate (this is also known as "schlopping")
  3. Take curry container
  4. Tip entire contents of curry container on top of rice (this, too, is known as "schlopping")
  5. Eat entire curry/rice combo, both there and then

The girl's methodology

  1. Take a spoon
  2. Spoon out a portion of rice from rice container onto plate
  3. Spoon out a portion of curry from curry container onto rice
  4. Eat contents of plate
  5. Consider whether more curry/rice is required
  6. Repeat entire process if yes

Evidently, if you do not subscribe to the traditional curry + rice equation (for example, in my case, I usually accompany my curry with chapatis instead of rice) then certain points may not be applicable. However, I have found these patterns to be applicable to my circle of acquaintances.

Please feel free to cite examples to disprove my ill-thought-out theorem, dear readers. Tell me, how do *you* eat *yours*? Oh, and tell me about your curry-eating habits whilst you're at it (snigger).

Meanwhile, I walked into the sitting room yesterday to find none other than Bagpuss strumming away on his ol' gui-tarrrr... I ask you!

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