Monday, March 01, 2004

Witho has left the building....

Here I am, on a Monday morning, blogging from home. And I'm not ill. This can only mean one thing - la Witho is jobless!

Friday was my last day at [insert company name]. Much to the chagrin of my colleagues who would have liked to see me squirm, I opted out of the embarrassing presentation. If my manager had had any charisma or even traces of a personality, maybe I would have allowed such a presentation to happen, but it would have just been cringeworthy for all concerned...

Anyway, opting out of the presentation did *not* exempt me from presents (woo-hoo!). I got a silver, "Tiffany-esque" T-bar necklace and TK Maxx vouchers. Anyone who knows la Witho knows that chunky silver jewellery and TK Maxx vouchers will go down a treat - and sure enough, they did!

Friday lunchtime (plus a bit more besides) was spent down the pub explaining to an increasing circle of people that I don't actually have another job (yet) and that I won't be in London permanently and that I might even end up back in Southampton and that I'm selling my flat and so on and so forth...

Friday night was a low-key affair - just like the Friday nights we used to have when I first worked at [insert company name]. A few friends, a pub, a curry house, lots of chit-chat and tomfoolery. With the added bonus of a Big Fella tagging along. Originally, my friend had organised a big blow-out meal for the Thursday night and I was going to "hijack" that for my leaving do. But that all fell through, so I hastily organised this little soiree (argh, there's no number keypad on this poxy laptop, how am I going to do my accents?) which was thoroughly enjoyable....

Saturday - what did we do on Saturday again? *scratches head*
Ah yes, had a lie-in and a greasy spoon "breakfast" (eaten at about 1pm) during which BF was saddened to note the lack of black pudding and "bubble":

We had originally planned to leave Southampton at about 10 - 11am. We *actually* left at 3pm. But hey... As we approached London, it started to snow, but this was only a brief interlude.

Anyway, I looked at my bank balance yesterday. Then looked at my watch to see what the date was, thinking "when's the next pay day?" Then it struck me - I don't know when my next pay day will be. How scary is that?

... and now for something completely different

I've just realised, I haven't even (publicly) thanked the wonderful FROG for Dear Witho's new banner. Isn't it beautiful?

*goes off to panic about joblessness*


Check out the moblog for the latest in the series of "Witho's toes"....


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