Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Dipstickerie du jour

Witho is preparing jacket potatoes in her usual style.

This involves blasting them for a few minutes (usually about 7) in the microwave, before banishing them to the oven for half an hour, to provide requisite fluffiness inside, and a crispy skin. That's the way I like 'em.


The microwave has finished blasting the spuds, so Witho opens the conventional oven in preparation for the "potato transfer manoeuvre". She then opens the kitchen drawer to retrieve the tongs which will facilitate the aforementioned "potato transfer manoeuvre".

Tongs in hand, Witho bends to peer into the conventional oven.

"Eh? Where have those potatoes gone?" she ponders, somewhat befuddled...

"Derr, you haven't taken them out of the microwave yet Witho, you dipstick!" screams the voice of reason (who, you'll note, only makes an appearance once the damage is done!)


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