Monday, April 19, 2004

Films of the weekend


Always a fan of Spader anyway, and knowing that the film had been recommended to Tilesey by Elsie and Minnow, I saw that it was on Box Office, so we had a lookie. After the first few scenes of the film, I thought it was going to be a grim account of self-harm, but it so wasn't. Quirky, funny, dark and strangely slow - almost like the actors were underwater. I liked it... What else has the lead actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal, been in? She looks so familiar...


A film, based on a true story, about the demise of Bob Crane, a family man turned sleaze bucket, thanks in part to Willem Dafoe's character... An interesting and enjoyable little jaunt...

The Filth and the Fury

A fascinating docu-film about the Sex Pistols, with Johnny Rotten's lumbering narration, and lots of clips of music and news from the time to set the context. I wanted to see the other members of the band but they were all silhouetted, oddly... Enjoyed it muchly, and learnt a lot about them that I hadn't known before - I was only about 5 when they were on the scene...

Other non-film stuff


My solicitor phoned today to tell me that both Exchange of Contracts and Completion on my flat will happen "contemporaneously" (lawyers, eh? Why use simple terminology when there are so many posh words around?) on Friday. He tried to get an earlier exchange to give me the peace of mind (in theory, the buyer can still pull out until contracts are exchanged) but with no luck. I'm not too concerned - I know this guy is a serious buyer - he's already bought 4 flats in the block...


I still can't seem to throw off the itch of teaching, but really need someone to tell me whether it'll be right for me (and I'll be right for it) or not. I've spoken to someone at the Teacher Training Agency, and their recommendation is to do some classroom observations - this is exactly what BF suggested, having done them himself prior to doing his PGCE. I tried to arrange some with local schools a few weeks back, but despite leaving messages and sending emails, I didn't get a response from any of them. Probably because the teachers are too busy... well... teaching or something! How dare they? Who do they think they are, teachers?

So plan B is to get BF to sort some out at his school - not our first choice, as there is the potential for piss-taking (of both me and he) if the students cotton on to who I am. We already had a run-in with some of his, let's say, less sympathetic students at the cinema. Here's the story:

BF and Witho approach the cinema entrance
Witho is aware of a gaggle of teenage girls being raucous just behind BF and Witho
Witho is also aware of BF walking very swiftly towards the cinema
BF ducks off to the Gents, while Witho gets the pre-ordered tickets from the machine
Witho wanders over to the gents to see the gaggle of teenagers harrassing some woman, saying:
"Do you know Mr "Fella"? Is you Mr "Fella"'s girlfriend?"
Witho is now suspicious of the gaggle's intentions
BF comes out, looking sheepish, and the gaggle of girls follow
Gaggle of girls realise that the woman they've been harrassing is not Mr "Fella"'s girlfriend, and decide to harrass La Witho instead:
Gaggle: "Is you Mr "Fella"'s wife?"
Witho: "No, I'm his girlfriend"
Gaggle: "Really? Oh my God, Mr Fella! Oh, well done sir, well done"
All of this is going on whilst BF is virtually dragging me up the escalator to the screen in an attempt to get away from the gaggle of cackling harridans...

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