Tuesday, April 20, 2004


I feel I've been over-using the word juxtaposition of late, but it seems so appropriate for this:

Whilst sorting through all my old stuff at the flat, I came across my first ever mobile phone (I think I got it in 1996 or 1997), and look at what a monster it was! Oh, and special thanks to my moblog, for allowing this picture to happen. It's not as if it's your job or anything...


I made the mistake of watching Sliding Doors on a non-wide-screen TV a couple of weeks ago (kept forgetting to mention it on here...). Paltrow looked so scrawny - Gwyn, eat some pies love! Although she's got a bun in the oven at the mo' so she's hopefully looking a little more healthy...

My other objections to the film are:

Being a saddo, I recognized that the tube station they used for the tube scenes was Waterloo (specifically, out of the Waterloo and City line). Presumably on the basis that it doesn't run at weekends as it's purely a city slicker Monday-Friday station so they could film there without getting mixed up with real passengers... They used to use Aldwych for such purposes (which was a peak hours only station - I used to use it as it's right next door to my university - why walk a couple of hundred yards from Holborn, for God's sake?) but it's completely closed now...

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