Monday, April 05, 2004

Moving woes...

Dear Removal firm

Please allow me to apologise. How inconvenient of me to be moving from Southampton to London. Yes, I know I didn't tell you that I was moving to London, but to be fair, you didn't ask where I was moving to. I'm so sorry I misled you because you wrongly assumed that I was moving from Southampton to Southampton and quoted me accordingly. Yes, it must be awful for your men to have to sit in the van for all that time on the motorway, even though I would have thought it was their job... or maybe I just got it wrong! Tell you what, I'll change my plans shall I, so that I can move locally and then I'll pay less, and your poor men won't have to sit there in the van doing nothing for hours on end. Yes, that's what we'll do. So sorry to have inconvenienced you in this way.

Love Witho

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