Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Only the crumbliest, flakiest Witho....

BF and Witho are having a bit of a chinwag about the day's events
J is one of BF's schoolfriends, who is a barrister

BF: Oh, by the way, J has just been made a judge
Witho: Oh...
BF: What's up?
Witho: *bursts into tears*

You are probably wondering what prompted this, no?

Well, apart from the inevitable hormones (you know, I think us girlie bloggers might be synchronising, let's just say that Fanny Frog's services may be needed in the not too distant future...), Witho did her now regular "I'm going to feel sorry for myself" flaky moment, brought on by the knowledge that BF's friend, who is the same age as Witho, has clearly made a success of his life and is "somebody", whereas Witho is a nobody. How many times am I going to take the wrong road before I find what I *should* be doing with my life? Will I ever get it right?

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