Sunday, May 30, 2004

Another photo

As seen on my moblog - a view of Docklands, as seen from our block of flats. As you walk around the balcony, you can see from the Dome to the London Eye and beyond... and look, someone's spray-painted my 32nd birthday on the side of that house! Posted by Hello

In other news

This weekend has been quiet and contemplative. Without the BF around, it reminds me of some of the weekends I used to have when I was a singleton. I'd get to the end of the weekend and realise that I'd hardly spoken to anyone for days - only people in shops etc. In some ways, it's nice to just do your own thing. The downside is that it can mean that you think too much...

Anyway, throughout this weekend, I've had the following conversations:

Note: these "conversations" do not include any discussions I may have had with myself or with "fellow" drivers or pedestrians who get in my way or annoy me as I go about my daily business...

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