Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Basil Faulty?

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I'm sure it's all within the order of nature, but I wasn't expecting to see flowers on my basil plant. I've had it for ages - and have made many a batch of pesto from its fleshy, fragrant leaves, but flowers? What could it mean? Is it still safe to eat the leaves? If it gets pollenated by a passing bee (or whatever), will it start to produce "basil fruit" in the autumn?

Workaday blues

Anyway, I wanted to write a post today about work - specifically, how I'm working consistently longer hours in this so-called "stop gap" job than I did when I had a "so-called" career, how the big boss is an absolute shambles and I am stunned at the way she conducts herself, coming in after 1pm, fannying about with cakes and idle chatter for a couple of hours, then producing urgent work for us in the post 4pm timeframe when the rest of us who've been there since 9am (or earlier) are just starting to wind down for the afternoon and hum "show me the way to go home"... It's exasperating me, particularly when I think of how inefficient their systems and procedures are. Forgive me for putting my "IT developer" hat on after many months of it gathering dust, but the place is just crying out for a workflow system - it's just oozing with duplication of effort, lack of communication and antiquated paper-based systems...


I then wanted to move on to the firewall thing. How one of my tasks at work is answering the phone. Oh yes, dear reader, it's one of those old fashioned places where they don't have direct lines, so muggins here (that'll be me) has to "screen" calls coming in. *Shudder*

One particular candidate keeps phoning up to nag nice boss about an application for a job we made on her behalf. We quite clearly told her that as soon as we had any news, we would be in touch, but she insists on calling every day. My instructions are to deal with telephone queries as far as I can, only passing the call over to the boss when I really can't answer their questions - but for the most part, their questions are "have you received my email?", "have you had any news from [insert name of client] on my application?", "I've seen a vacancy on your website, can you give me more information?". These, I can answer - there is no need for me to pass the call over to nice boss, so I don't, even if they ask for her or her mother (which, I might add, they *always* do...).

So disgruntled was this particular candidate at never getting to speak to nice boss, she decided to send an email. Little did she realise that, like with the telephone, all the emails go into one big inbox (yes, I agree that this is utterly ridiculous) and are also filtered by, well, m'good self. And it is there, dear readers, that I found a message which read as follows:

"Dear [nice boss]

I've been trying to speak to you on the telephone for the last few days, but have been unable to get through your "firewall". Could you please call me?


[Annoying candidate]"

How we laughed?

The irritating thing about all this is that on all our job adverts, we put at the bottom: "please call asap to discuss" - yet usually there is nothing further to tell, and the recruiters will refuse to speak to them anyway...


Then I was going to write about mine and the BF's latest obsession (other than Sex and the City of course - we're part way through Season 2 at the moment by the way...):

Benenden Sauce

But I just don't have the time, so I won't... oh hang on, I think I just did...

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