Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Blog, interrupted

Right, either my PC isn't working properly, or my blog isn't working properly. I can't view it from here. I was able to view it from work earlier on, but don't want to make a habit of work-based blogging - it's just not that sort of workplace...

I've set up my PC instead of the laptop as BF needed to take it into school (well, I suppose it does belong to them after all...) and it was fine yesterday, but today I haven't been able to see it.... *sigh*

So, on to the post

Have a break...

Want to annoy people around you? I frequently do... Here's a good 'un.
Get a Kit-Kat - now this is important, not a Kit Kat Chunky, it *must* be a multi-fingered Kit-Kat - for best effect, only a four-finger Kit-Kat will do.

Now, ensure that you can be seen clearly by at least one friend/colleague/acquaintance/independent witness. Unwrap the Kit-Kat, ensuring that you maintain its multi-fingered integrity. Then, take a large bite across all of the fingers (assuming your mouth is wide enough).

This is virtually guaranteed to raise, at the very least, an eyebrow, if not an insurrection.

For some reason, people wince and grimace at this act, as if you are upturning everything they've ever believed in. For them, the Kit-Kat *must* be eaten finger by finger. People just can't bear to see the subversion of the Kit-Kat.


Evil Witho

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