Thursday, May 13, 2004

Mutter mutter new fangled email posting mutter....

Trying desperately to keep up with the times, I posted via email last night, and had a quick look and on first glance it looked okay, plus I was impressed that it appeared almost immediately. Only this morning I look again and find that, as a result of the email post:

  1. The font size of all previous posts was reduced to what can only be described as "weenie", whilst the emailed post font size was "normal"
  2. My sidebar had disappeared down to the bottom of the page

Hence, or otherwise, I won't be using that facility for the time being.

I also downloaded "Hello Bloggerbot" - I've no real idea what it is and, at the moment, don't really have time to investigate, but it seems to mean that I can post pictures to my blog without having to "steal bandwidth" from text@meric@ (as I am apparently doing at the moment....). Being a common thief hardly fits in with my being the (quote) nicest person on the internet (unquote) (according to Ray that is, though Kev described me as a fascist - is it possible to be a nice fascist?) now does it? So when I've got a mo', I'll check it out...

Other internet thingies

We ordered our food shopping from ocado the other day. I noted several advantages of this service over Sainsbury's online service:

On the downside:

Runner's angst

I haven't been for a run since Saturday morning...

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