Sunday, May 09, 2004

My very frist first blogmeet

Yesterday I was very excited because I was going to a blogmeet which is where you meet people that you know but that you don't know I know that sounds funny but that is sort of what it is and I had to get the train and I drove to the train station and when I got to the station there was nowhere to park well there was one space but I drove past it because I thought there would be another but there wasn't another and someone went in the space I should have gone in in the first place so then I didn't know what to do so I drove to the next station on the line and there was a space there but my train came just as I was driving into the station car park so I just parked and waited and it was raining and my hair went frizzy and then I got the train and then I got to Charing Cross and I bought a bottle of water which was way cool because it had a belt clip which meant I didn't have to carry it I could clip it on my belt and then I walked up past Trafalgar Square and up Charing Cross Road and through Soho and then I found the pub and I was all nervous and trembly and I didn't really know why but I couldn't control it and I walked in and saw Ray and he was nodding and smiling knowingly and then I saw Fluffy and I gave her a hug and she had curly hair and then I saw Minnow who was just sitting there looking cool and I looked round the table and saw Hans and I said "you're Hans" and I was told off for calling him Hans because that's not his real name and then I recognized Diann and I said something stupid like "you're from America" and Ian I recognised and said "Wibble" (as one does) and then I recognised Em and then I saw a tall man and thought "I don't know who that is" and then I said "Where's Leggy?" and it turned out he was the tall man and I couldn't believe it because he looked so different to that photo on the blogmeet site and he was all "London" and I thought he was going to be all posh and Ray was all "Merseyside" and I thought he was going to be all posh and then someone came in with Tilesey and Mav and I thought "I don't know who he is" and he came up to me and said "you must be Witho" and I said "yes" and he said "I'm Kev" and I said "Oooh" (as you do) and he told me off for not wearing the pink hair streak and he wasn't how I imagined although I didn't know how I imagined him.

*takes exaggerated deep breath*
*advises readers to do same*

So, after the initial excitement, back to the ordered world of Witho. Here are some learning points I took away from the blogmeet:

*fears she has probably offended someone by not mentioning them*

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