Tuesday, May 25, 2004

My weekend in Southamton Southampton

This weekend it was my freinds friend's birthday in Southampton so I went down there and on the way I dropped BF off at his friend's house because they wanted to watch the cup final because they like Manchester United and I know they both live in the South but they are both from Manchester so they are allowed to support them so there and I watched the match in a pub in Southampton with my friends J and K (L, M and N couldn't come - ha ha ha - NOT!) and the pub had little televisions in the walls of the toilets which were way cool and we watched the match (not in the toilets though as you'd have to stand up and it might smell of wee wee or poo poo) and then I went to J's for a cup of tea and then I went to S's whose birthday it was and she lives in the flat next door to the one I used to own and while I was there she was showing me the painting she'd done in her bedroom and I looked out of her bedroom window as from there you can just about see into my old flat and I wanted to see what the man had done to it and as I was looking I saw a lady in the living room of the flat downstairs from my friend’s and she didn’t have any clothes on and she was sitting on a man and he had his hands on her boobies and I don’t know what they were doing but it looked a bit naughty so I looked away and then we went for a curry and I had my silly little pink shoes on and I couldn’t walk in them and they gave me blisters but the curry was nice.

*deep breath*

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