Monday, May 24, 2004


During the course of my blogging "career" (if one can call it that), I've mentioned Swiss Tony a fair few times.

Swiss was one of the people who helped keep me sane when I was working at [insert company name]. Armed only with a cup of “latte macchiato” coffee (and, in the early days, a cigarette), we would put the world to rights in our own, let’s say unconventional, way…

Well, Swiss has had a blog for longer than I have, but let’s just say that “prolific” is not a word one would use to describe his blogging habits… Recently, though, he’s put a couple of corkers on his blog – check this out (in case the so-called permalink doesn’t work, which I suspect it doesn’t, it’s the post from Thursday May 20th…)

It reminded me of one of the things I miss about [insert company name] – there aren’t many...

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