Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Tree hugging

I've thought of myself as a bit of a tree hugger for some time (and have the permanently overflowing crate of recycling to prove it), but only now has this phenomenon manifested itself literally. I think I've fallen in love - with this:

I first noticed this tree a few weeks ago when the foliage appeared, and it has continued to captivate me since then. Now it has blossom, and it looks so perfect. It looks like the sort of tree a child would draw. The shape of it, so regular, so full, Like a big green afro! Every time I see it, it makes me smile....

By the way, does anyone know what variety of tree it is? (I may love trees, but I'm still largely ignorant of them...)


Talking of which, there's this game on the marvellous Playstation compendium known as "Hyper Bishi Bashi" called "Perm", where you have to copy the rhythm of the beat by pressing the X button. Each time you successfully beat out the rhythm, your brightly coloured afro grows:

If you play the game perfectly, your afro takes over the entire screen. It is one of the goofiest games I've ever played - plus I can beat BF's ass on it! (Ooh, I sound kind of American there...) Just buy it, man!

Sex and the City

Recently, the BF and I have acquired the first "season" of Sex and the City on DVD (when did "series" turn into "season" by the way? Or is it just American shows which have seasons...). Anyway, having recently watched season 4 in its entirety, the evolution of the programme is quite evident. In Season 1, there is much more voiceover narration, a number of addresses to the camera, and all these "vox pops", as if Carrie is going out on the street doing research for her column. And there is an almost constant flow of background music. It really is quite different. The characters are much more one dimensional - Miranda is a real tough cookie with her sharp pinstripe suits and ties, and Samantha is just a caricature, whereas by Season 4 their characters are much more multi-faceted and interesting... Plus, we meet many more of Carrie's friends outside of the circle - like Skipper - I wonder what happens to him?

I think that's enough for now - have you seen the time by the way? Early bird blogging - let's see how that works out. My guess is, it won't last....

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