Wednesday, June 16, 2004


At about 5 o'clock this morning, I was awoken by a noise and, in my semi-slumberous (if this isn't a word, it jolly well should be..) state, eyes still shut and mind still wondering: "err, who am I again?" I swore I heard a female voice, which sounded like a tape recording being played through a megaphone, saying:

"Bomb.... bomb.... bomb...."


"Bomb.... bomb.... bomb...."

"What could this mean?" thought I. "Have the terrorists attacks we've been fearing finally arrived in London? Is this it? Should I look out of the window? Oh, and, who am I again?"

Eyes still shut, I heard it again:

"Bomb.... bomb.... bomb...."

"Maybe we should get up. Maybe they are trying to evacuate the building" (they being who exactly Witho?) - I was almost scared to open my eyes, my heart was thumping...

Slowly but surely, rational thought finally took over in my addled brain and I realised that, in fact, the sound could be attributed to some rather noisy crows, cawing outside our open bedroom window...

I sometimes wonder about the workings of my mind...

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