Tuesday, June 22, 2004

For Swiss Toni...

... schlap this!

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Readers, I bet you're thinking "what is she on about now?" - and well you might! I meant to post this over a week ago, but at the moment, my blog is running about a week behind real life (see date on photo above - this is just before I worked out how to remove the date stamp). This time next week, I'll be telling you how I had a lovely weekend buying accessories for my laptop, purchasing copious amounts of Baklava and other Turkish delicacies and going to Bluewater with the girls where I bought the dress for the wedding. I'll then go on to a stream of abuse about my current boss who has almost had me in tears on a number of occasions due to her complete lack of respect for most of the people who strive to keep her company going on a day-to-day basis. But for this, you must wait until next week...

Right now I need to tell you about schlapping. "Say what?". Schlapping, I said.

Once upon a time, at [insert company name], I was chatting to Swiss Toni about those marshmallow/biscuit/chocolate coated sweetmeats known as "teacakes". During this conversation, I revealed to Toni that, as a child, my sisters and I had a unique, some might say elaborate, way of eating them. This method would come to be known as "schlapping".

For schlapping, you will need:


Toni was quite taken with this technique, and proceeded to promote its usage throughout [insert company name] (though he was mostly met with sideways glances and people backing away - but hey, he tried!)

Anyway, seeing the above in Lidl made me think of those halcyon days - these particular examples look like a challenge to even the most experienced schlapper - Toni, do you think you're up to it?


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