Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Sneezy pops

Dear Pollen

I appreciate the role you play in the perpetuation of plant species and the employment you provide to any number of bees, flies, birds etc who inadvertently transport you around. I'm just not sure why this has to involve me sneezing up to 20 times consecutively, scratching my watery eyes and feeling that itching sensation in the back of my throat. If you could provide some clarification on this issue, I should be most appreciative.

Love Witho

Me and my blog

As seen chez Fluff, Elsie, Billy and Ray, I have done that Blogging meme thing, but have decided to stick it on my other, less travelled blog - About Witho - as it seemed appropriate and it was quite long so you can pop over and read it at your leisure if you're that way inclined...

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