Sunday, June 06, 2004

Yesterday, I are be mostly...

wearing my flower sandals.... Posted by Hello

... and admiring iddie-biddie pineapples in Waitrose... Posted by Hello

Pineapples, eh, what a fruit? With their crazy green fronds and their weird, irksome carapace, they really are out there on their own in the fruit world. But who could resist a lickle baby one? Well, actually I did resist it, I left it on the shelf, knowing that the novelty of such an item would wear off once I'd spent, well, several minutes removing the outer husk and the inner core to leave approximately one pineapple chunk. No sirreee - I like a pineapple, but that one's just silly. Cute, yes, but silly.

The 'stow

Not only did I go back to my hair roots, but yesterday, I also went back to my childhood and took the Big Fella to Walthamstow (that's North East London, terminus of the Victoria Line if you only navigate round London by tube lines - as I do. That's probably why I always feel slightly bewildered in South East London, where there aren't any!).

So, what was I saying? Ah yes, Walthamstow - home of the (happily relatively shortlived) phenomenon that *was* East 17 (the name comes from the postcode, dearie), Teddy Sheringham (he went to school with my brother), a stonking dog track (known as "The Stow"), a very long street market (it used to claim to be the longest in Europe though I'm not sure if that's still true) and most of all, the place where I was born, bred, educated and hoofed out into the big wide world, bless me!

As we picked our way through the plethora of wonderful products available at the International Supermarket (bottom of the High Street, near St James' Street station), we realised that it's this kind of thing, brought about by the diversity that London has to offer, that we'll miss when we escape to the South West...

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