Sunday, July 04, 2004

Commercial hates

I'm not sure what it is about adverts on the television and radio, but some of them make me beside myself with anger. The normally mild-mannered Witho (except for "Car Witho" who is a completely different creature altogether) becomes a purple-faced ranting psycho in the face of bad adverts.

The current contenders for Witho's most hated are:

One of my all time least favourite adverts is still the one for some Fajitas-making kit (can't remember the brand name - so even reverse psychology didn't work, did it Mr/Ms Marketing executive?), with the girl sitting at the table talking to her friend on the phone saying things like "yeah, he's cooking me some chicken thing" whilst her boyfriend prepares her fajitas. Her closing line is "I'll speak to you later - if I'm still alive"... She is the most sneeringly ungrateful disgrace to womankind I've ever seen, and that bloke should sprinkle a bit of arsenic in her fajitas and see how she likes that.

Another old fave (NOT!) was the old Renault Clio "Nicole!", "Papa!" series - God, I hated those, and swore I'd never buy a Clio as a result...

*doesn't reveal that she now drives a Clio, because that's hardly relevant here ;) *

There are so many more which have wound me up over the years but, as if by magic, knowing that I wished to list them here, they have flown the shambolic nest that is my mind...

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