Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Email horror

I was reminded of an email "faux pas" I once made while I was working at [insert old company name].

A new contractor joined the department and, apparently, took a bit of a shine to me. A colleague told me that he had likened me to the woman out of the Fry's Turkish delight advert - not an unflattering comparison. Trouble is, the guy was not really my type. Firstly, he can only have been about 5'6", was balding with a greasy "comb-over", wore a bum bag and a waxed hat when it was raining, and always wore braces. Ahhh, the joys of an IT department - where, so often, aesthetics and style are forgotten...

Now, my colleague and friend "Mooro" (incidentally, the first person who referred to me as "Witho" - he cannot know the significance of this!) was, in essence, a wind-up merchant of the very highest order. He "befriended" Steady Eddie (or "Ed the Head" as he was also known) and encouraged him in his pursuit of the Witho, egging him on to ask me out at any available opportunity, but, of course, knowing that I was repelled by him in a number of ways.

So, one day, it was Steady Eddie's birthday and, in traditional fashion, he sent out an email to the department informing them of the nature and location of birthday-related sweet and cake products for the consumption of the masses. Witho thinks: "I'll forward this to Mooro, with a jokey remark..."

So I hit "forward", type: "I wonder if there's any Turkish delight... ;)" and at the very moment that I'm pressing send, a thought suddenly strikes me. I don't remember typing Mooro's name in the "To" box. Everything goes into slow motion, I now know what's happening and am powerless to stop it, I'm pressing Send and it's too late to stop - I realise that I didn't forward the email - I actually replied to Steady Eddie!

I'm still shaking when a reply comes back:

"No, but there is some Fry's chocolate cream - dark, creamy and sensual...."


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