Friday, July 09, 2004

What planet...?

The other day at work, the boss asked me to send an email to a client on her behalf - she doesn't send any of her own emails. This fact is worthy of a post in its own right, and I will come to that eventually, but for now that's not relevant.

So, I send the email. A little later, colleague S checks the incoming emails "Oh, there's a reply from client G". She prints out the email (this too deserves comment, but again, I digress) and passes it to the boss. His reply is a simple question in relation to the original email sent by the boss.

Boss: *reads email* I don't think he's seen my email yet has he?
Colleague S: Erm, yes he has, that's the reply you're reading now
Boss: But what I mean is, he hasn't seen my email yet, has he?
Witho: *largely incredulous* Well, yes, he replied to it, so he must at least have opened it or viewed it in some way
Boss: *bewildered* I just don't think he has seen it
Colleague S: *somewhat exasperated* But the fact that your message is attached at the bottom of the message means that he must have opened the message and pressed "reply"
Boss: *concept still not quite grasped* How do you know?
Witho: *can't believe she's even having this conversation* In order to reply, he has to open or select your message and press reply. That means he must, at the very least, have seen your message


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