Thursday, July 22, 2004

You wanna get that seen to, love!

I've been infected - by Northerners!

A couple of days with the in-laws, and I'm saying "castle" and "raspberry" with the short "a" sound, instead of the "arr" sound which would be my normal pronunciation... Next thing you know, I'll be having a "bath" instead of a "barth"! What is the world coming to?

Is there a cure?

On the plus side, I got free, unsolicited banana cake, home grown raspberries and fresh salad leaves delivered by hand to my kitchen fresh from the allotment - plus we got an excuse to do touristy things like Chislehurst Caves, the London Eye (pics available chez Housse's moblog) and the Edward Hopper exhibition at the Tate Modern. Hopper - his paintings sometimes strike me as looking... well, a bit amateur. I guess it's the pared down simplicity, but I'm sure some of the perspectives are out too. I do like the moods they evoke - the way the characters often appear to be in a world of their own and you wonder what brought them there and what they're thinking...

Well, all that "couwcha"was merely a brief interlude in the general chaos which is the run-up to our move to Somerset. We've now booked the removal men for next week - having had a couple of quotes now, it seems that it will cost us a lot of money whichever way you look at it - due to the distance involved, the drivers cannot make the journey in one day, a fact which seems to push the price up considerably.

However, due to general incompetence, the letting agents have not yet resolved our various employer and character references, so we haven't got our new residence confirmed as yet... oops...

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