Tuesday, August 31, 2004

How very... erm ... English of you Witho!

There's something quintessentially English about playing tennis on grass. Whilst most clubs describe themselves as "Lawn Tennis Clubs" (presumably to differentiate them from "Real Tennis" - 'cause everyone plays that, don't they...) not many of them actually keep it real with the green stuff.

Last evening, the Big Fella and I were taking a stroll through Taunton (partly for fresh air/exercise, partly in our mission to suss out the "nice"areas where we'd like to buy a house, eventually) and couldn't help but notice a grass court tennis club in a square, surrounded by beautiful 3 storey Victorian town houses with huge bay windows. Naturally, we were drawn to the verdure and the thwack (or, if you're me, boing) of, erm, rubber on nylon (is that what tennis racquet strings are made of - doesn't have quite the same ring as leather on willow, does it?) so we had a chinwag with the assembled members, and arranged to go down tonight for club night. I really enjoyed it. I used to belong to a grass court club in Southampton, and there's something so blummin' civilised about it! You play tennis, you drink tea and eat cake - you've got to love the simplicity. It's also a way for us to meet people down here - we must make an effort not to become isolated which would be easy for us to do...

Trouble is, the grass season will be over soon... boo!

Anyhoo, on our way back, it being after 8pm, we were feeling a little peckish and I wasn't sure I could face cooking or waiting for the food to be ready. There is a fish and chip shop at the end of our road. Nuff said...

Tennis on grass? Fish 'n' chips? How very English indeed!

Other than that

I've got a job interview on Monday. I've applied for a job as an "Environmental Administrator" for a Waste Management company. Now, if you know Witho, you know that she likes to ... erm ... manage waste, either by re-use or recycling, so this sounds like it could be right up my street. And it almost is literally "right up my street" too - the company is based about a ten minute walk from here.

Who's gonna drive you home?

My car has been replaced by a piece of paper with an amount of money written on it. The hire car has been dropped back at the depot. I have no vehicular transport at the moment... Okay, I could have been organised and bought a new one whilst I had the hire car, but buying a car is not something I like to do in a hurry. So we'll have to manage without for a while. This weekend, we went to Southampton on the train (I wasn't ready to brave the A303 again just yet...) and I found it really quite relaxing. We've another train journey this weekend, to Swiss Toni's wedding. We've even considered *not* getting another car... BF doesn't drive, I am getting increasingly fed up with driving and that accident has affected me probably more than I've let on here. The big question is, could we manage without?

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