Thursday, August 26, 2004

More from the Witho archives

Oh dear - so much time can be frittered away when you come across what can only be described as "memorabilia". Earlier this week I relieved my sister of several boxes of stuff which she had been looking after for me for years in her loft - including my collection of vinyls (example shown below). I swear those boxes must have been... erm... doing things in that loft. I'm sure only about 3 boxes were put in there, but no fewer than 11 came out... I *should* be sorting them out, deciding what to keep, finding places to store said items and throwing stuff away. Two words: Yeah, right! I am physically incapable (it's a confirmed medical condition) of touching a packet of photos without looking at each and every one of them at least once. Now, when you have a box stuffed full of packets of photos - well, you do the math [sic]!

Yesterday evening, I came across an absolute gem of memorabilia which I shall now share with you, my gentle and not-at-all-likely-to-take-the-piss reader...

Picture the scene. A Witho, aged 17. Well, as if by magic, I've pictured it for you - the below being a (slightly blurred but you get the idea) photo of Witho, aged 17:

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Like most 17 year olds, Witho fancies someone - she's got it bad. So bad, in fact, that she resorts to that mode of self-torture which blights the lives of many a teenager. Yes, readers, poetry. Teenage, naïve, angst-ridden poetry. I found two pages, typed on a typewriter (this was the olden days, remember), containing the following "beauties" - no editing, this is as they were:

Look at me

Haven't got the guts to stare
Into your eyes, to find out
If there's anything there
That might have anything to do
With me.

So instead I'll just glance
Across the room, now and again,
Just on the off chance
That you might possibly look over
At me.

Decisions, decisions

I've got to do it. I don't care
What anyone else says.
I've just got to know
One way or the other.
But I really don't think I
Could handle it if he said no.

So do I just go on
Wondering if he does or not?
I suppose I'll just have to.
So, he says no. So, my pride
Gets hurt, so? Oh God,
Now I don't know what to do.

Well if he did he'd have
Done it by now. So he
Doesn't, so I don't.
That's okay then, end of that.
But maybe he thinks I'll say
No, in that case he won't.

Yes, that's it. But if he
Doesn't, and I won't,
Then I'll never know.
So I'll do it definitely.
But I really don't think I
Could handle it if he said no.

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