Saturday, August 14, 2004

O Cactus! My Cactus! Our fearful trip is done...

Dear Cactus

I carefully removed you from my kitchen windowsill in Southampton, I gently placed you in a box with your three spiky friends, I put that box in another box and locked you in with parcel tape. I know, it was dark, you were scared, but it wouldn't be for long. The idea was that I would remember to take you out again when I moved up to London - unfortunately, there was a flaw in that part of the plan - in that it didn't quite happen. I left you in that box for 4 months didn't I? And no, it doesn't surprise me that you now look a bit funny:

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I can only apologise. But can you forgive me?

I hope your new windowsill, overlooking a garden with Umberto (a.k.a. Cliff) the Umbrella plant to watch over you, will make you happy.

Love Witho

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