Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A year ago today...

... I had the following conversations:

Conversation One
The interlocutors: Witho and Swiss Toni
The context: Swiss Toni, Witho’s desk “mate”, has returned from holiday and is keen to hear Witho’s gossip
The subject matter: Witho’s situation vis-à-vis H
The upshot: Swiss Toni “enthusiastically suggests” that Witho goes through with decision to contact H

Conversation Two
The interlocutors: Witho and J
The context: An email
The subject matter: H’s “co-ordinates”
The upshot: J gives Witho H’s email address, home number and mobile number. When asked, as an aside: “By the way, is H single?”, J replies (and I quote): “He is single and he is a nutjob. Face it, you were made for each other…”

Conversation Three
The interlocutors: Witho, Swiss Toni and Humstey Dumstey (the mostly silent yet oft wise alternative desk mate of Witho)
The context: A bit of a chinwag
The subject matter: The communication method that Witho should use to contact H
The upshot: Whilst Swiss Toni favours the more confrontational voice call, timid Witho considers email, but notes that the email address given is a “home” email which may not be accessed on a regular basis - this could lead to much angst. At Humstey Dumstey’s suggestion, Witho plumps for a text message – not as confrontational or potentially awkward as a telephone call, allows time for "composition", but more likely to illicit a prompt response than a home email…

Conversation Four
The interlocutors: Witho and Swiss Toni
The context: An afternoon chat (we did *some* work as well, I think…)
The subject matter: Swiss Toni’s excitement at the proceedings
The upshot: Swiss wants Witho to phone H immediately. Witho sticks to guns and says she will text him, but not from work. Swiss is disappointed, saying that he doesn’t believe that Witho will do it and threatens to get the number himself and call H. Witho reassures him that she *will* go through with it. Swiss leaves the office – still not entirely convinced…

Conversation Five
The interlocutors: Witho and H
The context: A text message
The subject matter: A declaration of “interest”, specifically:

Hi H, Witho here. J gave me your number - hope you don't mind... Enjoyed your company last weekend - felt a "vibe". If you felt it too, would love to hear from you. If not, no worries, just ignore this message and sorry if I have embarrassed you. Bye for now. Witho :)

The upshot: A couple of hours of agony as Witho receives a send confirmation, a delivery confirmation, a text from Swiss conveying excitement and, finally, a two hour telephone conversation with H during which they decide that, as previously advised by J, they were in fact made for each other…

The rest, mostly, is available in the archives…

As Lauryn Hill once said: “What you need might pass you by if you don’t catch it…”

Happy Anniversary Big Fella/Housse/whatever your bleedin' name is!

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