Monday, September 06, 2004

The beauty of the Lake District - Cumbria, England

Thirlmere Posted by Hello

Erm, some hills and that... Posted by Hello

"What, pray, were you doing in the Lake District, Witho?" I might hear you cry, if you were actually interested... Well, I was at Swiss Toni's wedding in Kendal. The wedding was lovely - the short-but-sweet civil ceremony contrasting greatly with the last (Catholic) wedding service we attended with its endless droning hymns and muttered prayers, stand up, sit down, stand up, shake it all about etc.

As an added bonus, Toni's wedding included a post-wedding-day blow-the-cobwebs-away excursion on a vintage double decker bus with open-top. We stopped off at Ambleside to check out some waterfalls, at Grasmere to eat our own body weight in Homity pies and toured along the scenic route past Thirlmere (above) to Keswick and back to Kendal. Most unusual to find a wedding which provides this kind of entertainment - I think it should be encouraged! Weddings can be so formulaic - why not introduce something a bit different, so that yours will be a day that people really remember?

As a singleton, I used to hate weddings (or "smugness parades" as I used to call them...) Oooh, come and watch a smug couple be even more smug, provide them with luxury homewares from a large department store (while I have to furnish my own home, thank you very much...) and watch other people get drunk and fall over. Not the Witho's favourite... And they can be so expensive to attend! Often, these days, people have to travel far and wide to a wedding, shelling out for transport and accommodation, an outfit, plus the aforementioned wedding gifts which, I believe, are no longer relevant to our society. Not to mention if you're invited to a stag or hen do, which are becoming more and more elaborate (and thus expensive) as the years go by...

But I enjoyed Swiss's wedding. It was different, a welcome break from the norm. Thanks Toni and Suzanne!

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