Wednesday, September 15, 2004

From the Witho archives...

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Note the already stygian eyes, though the raven hair was not yet in evidence. Note also the no doubt polyester mauve dress and the beginnings of the "cheer-up-love-might-never-'appen"-inducing glower which would become a feature of Witho's innocent wanderings around Walthamstow as a teenager and young adult.

But I didn't bring you here to gaze upon my youthful visage, dear reader. Oh no, it is with anecdotes that I wish to ply you. You see, depicted above, clutched in Witho's chubby little hands, is a toy. A toy with a past.

This toy was of a rubbery plastic construction, formed in the shape of a cat. Ever the non-conformist, Witho ignored this feature, and named the item a "teddy". But not any normal teddy, ah no. This so-called "teddy" exuded sounds from its fundament when squeezed. It was, dear reader, a "squeaky teddy". *Was* would come to be the operative word. For Witho had a big brother and what, do you suppose, is the principal function of a big brother? I'll tell you: to spoil, maim and massacre the games of girls. Spray-painted dolls, fighting dolls, cuddly monkeys dangling perilously from the washing line, dolls with drawing pins poked into their ears (yes, there were lots of dolls in our house - I have two sisters...). The most common phrase to be heard chez the Withos in the seventies was: "Mum, [insert brother's name] is spoiling our game".

Plasticine. Or modelling clay if you're a Blue Peter presenter. Plasticine inserted into Squeaky teddy's posterior. The squeak, dear readers, was no more. From that day forth, the cat-shaped rubbery plastic figurine would be known as "Squeaky-not teddy"...

*wipes solitary tear from cheek*

I won't even tell you what he did to the Holly Hobbie General Store...

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