Tuesday, September 07, 2004

My 300th post!

There's a stat for you. Not only that, it's my first blogday on Thursday - but let's not deal with that for the moment...

On with the usual drivel for now. It may be somewhat of a milestone post, but the content will, I assure you, be as dull as you've come to expect.

Yesterday, I attended an interview for the post of "Environmental Administrator" with a Waste Management company based in Taunton. The role involves taking raw data analysing the environmental impacts of landfill sites, collating and assembling this data so that it becomes useful information and transforming it into reports to be filed with the Environment Agency and other external parties. This is a subject that actually interests me. For example, did you know that some landfill sites are used to create renewable energy? The methane gas given off is harnessed to generate electricity.

The interview went very well. The interviewers were in no doubt that I had all the skills necessary to do the job, but were concerned that I wouldn't like the salary which wasn't quoted on the job advert. I guess I had a ball-park figure in mind for the position, given that they were asking for graduates with experience. The salary did not meet my expectation. In fact, it's less than the salary I started on at [insert company name] six years ago, which more than doubled whilst I was there. I think they saw my face drop and I was honest with them - I hadn't expected it to be so low and, if they did offer me the job, I would have to think about it very carefully. They were very apologetic and said they had wanted to put the salary on the advert. I have to ask myself the question: would I have applied for the job if they'd quoted the salary on the advert? The answer: I just don't know...

Plant news

Cactus survives removal trauma:

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Umberto sprouts new leaves where previous ones had fallen off:

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