Thursday, September 16, 2004


*goes to register with temping agency*
*proves that typing speed cited on cv was not a lie and, in fact, was a slight under-estimation*
*secures job immediately*

Don't get all excited. It's a week long temporary assignment, starting next Tuesday, for which I will be remunerated, metaphorically speaking, with "the edible, nutlike, oily seeds of the Arachis hypogaea, used for food and as a source of oil".*

*that's peanuts to you and me...

More reasons *not* to shop at Morrisons

Risotto rice. That's all I want. Arborio, Carnaroli, Vialone Nano - any of those will do. I quite like that Gallo brand with the chicken motif, but if they haven't got that, own brand will be fine.

So off I go to the rice aisle. American long grain, basmati, Thai jasmine, Batchelor's Savoury, (it must be around here somewhere), boil in the bag American long grain, easy cook American long grain, boil in the bag basmati, (hmmm, can't see it anywhere), Mediterranean style basmati, organic, easy cook "white" rice, (Maybe they've sold out; I'll check the empty spaces...) easy cook basmati, "wild" basmati....

Can this be true?

Morrisons (ex-Safeway) in Taunton... don't... stock... *any*... risotto... rice...


And finally...

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