Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Good News

I've located my stash of Radius toothbrushes (they were going for £1.50 in Boots some time ago - normal price £5.99 - so I cleared the shelves of them - once you've used one of these beauties, it's hard to go back to a *normal* one). They are notoriously hard to get hold of and my current one is looking a bit sorry for itself. I knew I had a supply, but wasn't sure which (still as yet unpacked from Southampton - London move, let alone London - Taunton) box it was in...

The Bad News

We spent most of today at the mercy of a "Replacement Bus Service" while travelling back to Taunton from Sheffield. This was especially galling, because when we'd checked the train times on the internet late last week, we saw only:
How I wish I'd printed that page out so that I could have wiped my arse on it and sent it to the bearded one himself!

A more accurate portrayal would have been:

How do I put a value on 2 hours of my life, wasted?

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