Monday, October 04, 2004

La Guerre des Etoiles

Did you know that the French call Darth Vader: "Dark Vader" - presumably because they have a lot of difficulty pronouncing the "th" sound, though this is just my theory. They also have a problem with the letter "w", which means that the name "Witho" is virtually impossible for them to pronounce in a convincing way. Heh heh heh. But I digress...

Aside from imparting useless facts about the French, I'm actually here to discuss "The Trilogy". Like many others in Blogland, Biggie recently acquired his "pre-ordered" box set of Episodes IV, V and VI and he sat me down with him to watch them. You must understand that my experience of the Trilogy is limited to say the least. My abiding memory of Star Wars Episode IV (or simply "Star Wars" as it was known in those days!) was being forced to watch it on the television by my elder brother and responding by falling asleep within the first, say, half hour. Well, it was Christmas Day and I'd just eaten my own body weight in turkey - what's a gal to do? As for the other two films - my entire knowledge of them was gleaned from the film Clerks, when Dante and Randall argue over which was better. Yes, reader, I'd never seen either of these films. Now please get yourself up off the floor and listen!

What follows is a random collection of my thoughts on the three films - the thoughts of an "outsider" if you will. Caution! The views expressed below may be classed as blasphemous by those "believers" among the readership.

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