Thursday, October 21, 2004

You called the shot #3

Minnow requested a photo of "a few of my favourite things..." The following photo incorporates three such items:

This is a rare sight in our house - but quite genuine. You see, it's rare for BF to be in the bed while I'm out of it. Generally, we get up at the same time for work, except on Saturdays, when he goes to school and I have a lie-in. Yes, you heard right - he goes to school on Saturday mornings - this being the *major* hitch with him teaching in a sodding boarding school - it scuppers many a weekend plan, let me tell you! On Sundays, if we're at home, he normally gets up before me and brings me tea and crumpets, so the gist of all this is that I rarely get to observe him from an extra-bedular position.

Yesterday, though, I was greeted with this sight when I got home from work. It was the last day of half term for BF, and he'd come home exhausted and collapsed into bed. The first time I went upstairs, he was actually asleep. I crept downstairs to get the camera and remove my "rustly" jacket, by which time he'd woken up, but knowing that I was approaching, he pretended to be asleep (it's a thing we do, one pretends to be asleep, the other attempts to "scupper" them by making them laugh or - as I've just discovered - taking a photo of them!).

So, quite by accident, on observing this tableau, I realised that it captured 3 of my favourite things, in one fell swoop!

Meanwhile, Rad asked to see my favourite plant so, continuing the "favourite" theme, allow me to present Umberto:

I don't have many plants. You see, they don't like me. As soon as they spot a Witho, they just... erm... wither! Well, who wouldn't? I'll tell you who: Umberto - a plant which seems to thrive on neglect, to flourish in the face of famine, to blossom despite a barrage of abuse. Even Witho's skills are powerless against Umberto, the umbrella plant.

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