Monday, October 25, 2004

You called the shot #5

Jonesey said: "Can I have a picture of the the latest item of clothing you bought. This does not include shoes"

Now, the last shopping expedition I went on was to TK Maxx (there is one I can get to within an hour - phew, I can sleep at night once more). If you know Witho, you know that Witho + TK Maxx = Shopping Fest, so I bring you not one garment, but three. All "work-style" tops and all (as I later discovered) "hand wash cold, short spin, do not wring, dry flat, in fact, do not touch, EVER". Nothing that the wool cycle on the machine can't handle... I just live life on the edge, man!

So, from left to right:

So, what have you gleaned from this, dear reader?

If you want to know what this is all about, read this, and then put a comment on this post (my scrolly finger is getting tired now...)

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