Wednesday, November 17, 2004


In a fit of "being proactive" (it happens to me sometimes), I'm joining a running club. The reasons for this are several-fold:

Let me just recap for those who don't know how I got here.

I lived in Southampton for five and a half years, working as an IT project leader and lead AS400* developer in financial services. I was well paid and well respected but got to the stage where I found my job utterly pointless and worthless and was starting to look elsewhere. I then met the Big Fella. We spent a few months conducting a reasonable-distance relationship (about 100 miles separated us - me in Southampton, he in London) but ultimately decided that the Sunday nights were too much to cope with. Fluffy knows what I'm talking about...

Since the main thing keeping us apart was my job in Southampton (he was quite happy being a teacher), I resigned. Well, I tried to, but they suggested I work from the London office so that I could move to London and live with him but continue to work for them. I did that for 2 months, but realised that combining a job I hated with commuting into the city on the Sidcup Line was not good for the soul. So I resigned again. Are you bored yet?

BF looked for a new job, as South East London was losing its appeal for him, and it never really had much for me - the plan was that he'd try to find something in Hampshire so that we could both move back down that way to be near my friends (who, as well as including one of his oldest friends, had also welcomed him into their proverbial "bosom"). He responded to adverts and wrote speculative letters to every school in Hampshire where Classics is taught - all to no avail. So he widened his search. Hence, or otherwise, we ended up in Taunton.

This is a very round-about way of saying that sometimes I feel isolated down here. I miss my friends and the social life I used to have in Southampton, I admit that freely. But when I think back to those Sunday nights, I know that I can't go back to that. I belong with the Big Fella, but have to admit that it's harder than I thought it would be starting over again.

So that's partly why I'm joining the running club (see, this *was* going somewhere...). It's about having my own pursuits, so I'm not totally reliant on the Big Fella. I'm not used to that - I have been independent for so long, but it's hard when you just don't know anyone...

Thanks for listening

(* an AS400, a.k.a iSeries, is a mid-range IBM computer, oft-used in the financial service industry)

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