Monday, November 29, 2004


I've sold out.

For the first time since I've been down here, I've seen a job that I'm not overqualified for, that pays a good salary and that would be interesting.

IT Business Analyst for a company which uses AS400s/iSeries.

It's the bit of my old job that I actually found reasonably rewarding (though obviously not in the sense that it was actually worthwhile in any social/community/environmental way).

I've applied for it.

What am I doing? I just don't know anymore. I tell myself that it's a medium term thing - it will allow me to earn well and do something that requires some kind of brain power whilst I think about the long term. But will I end up, five years down the line, still doing it and hating it? I was supposed to be changing my career, but I'm going backwards. I wanted to leave the corporate world behind and work in public service - but having worked for the NHS on a temporary basis I am stunned at the inefficiency and wastage - could I work in this kind of environment long term?


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