Friday, November 12, 2004

Thus spake Witho, indeed!

Thank you for your valued opinions, listeners. I needed to prove a point. You see, I believe that my accent is (as Colin said) "generic" Southern, with hints of "London" when the mood (or context) takes me, but if nothing else, surely, unmistakeably English...

...and yet, dear reader/listener, since I've been working in Somerset, I have received a number of separate accusations of foreign-ness! Specifically, as indicated on the audio post below, of an antipodean or ex-colonial nature. I was *even* accused of using the Australian upward inflection at the end of a sentence! Heaven forbid!

*washes mouth out with soap and water*

So, why should this be? Okay, to a certain extent, my telephone voice is probably a bit more "RP" than when I'm chatting with friends. Maybe it's the fact that I say "nah" instead of "no" when I'm feeling a bit "London", which sounds, to the West Country ear, like I'm actually a bit "Home and Away". But the South African thing! I pride myself on being able to do a few accents quite well, but South African is certainly *not* one of them. That and Dutch - I just *can't* do a Dutch accent. Or Newcastle/North East. Never watched Byker Grove y'see...

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