Monday, November 22, 2004


Hmmm, was supposed to get up at 6am this morning for a run. You see, this running club on Wednesday means that I've had to re-jig my running days so that I go on Wednesday evening, Saturday morning and yes, Monday morning. Yeah right. As if. And other two word American-style phrases...

Especially as I didn't sleep well last night. Kept waking up - every hour it seemed. On one occasion, the Big Fella appeared to be awake and asked me if I wanted a cuddle. I rolled into the crook of his arm and asked him if he was okay. He said: "I think they've found out about the first part of my plan... zzzzzzzzzzz". Hmmm, yes dear. I rolled back again. On another I had to wake him up because he had squished me right to the edge of the bed. On about the nth occasion, I thought "enough is enough" and set the alarm back to a more reasonable hour. Swapped breakfast for a snooze, thinking "I'll get something from the newly refurbished shop on the way to work" - except it wasn't open. Opens Thursday. Hungry.

Maybe I'll go running tonight instead... then again...

We had a nice weekend though - which always makes Mondays even more difficult to cope with. My brother, sister-in-law (she of the specially commissioned mugs), nephew and future niece/nephew (currently "enwombed") came to visit for the weekend. The mugs went down well - as did the Salade Niçoise, Chili con carne and the Sunday pub lunch in a nearby village. My brother fiddled my Outlook so that I can get my emails in there again, even though I'm not connecting through tisc@li anymore. I hate webmail interfaces...

3 more application forms to fill in this week. Engagement/birthday/house-warming party next weekend. And Christmas shopping. Stuff, stuff, stuff and stuff.


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