Tuesday, November 02, 2004

You called the shot #6

Well, that's one word for it I guess... Posted by Hello

Before you ask, this is *not* the photo I am be posting in response to Billy's request: "I would like to see what inaminate object in your home has the most sentimental value". I just spotted it at work and it tickled my... er... never mind...

I'm currently doing two jobs for the price of one at the NHS - one of which is supporting a team of Community Nurses (including the ones who go around schools)... hence, the above item.

So, Billy, sorry I've taken so long doing this. I've thought about it a lot, but always came back to the same thing...

I was *going* (hint, this is not the final choice) to use this:

Sentimental? Moi? Posted by Hello

Remember my ex (French) boyfriend? These are all the letters he wrote to me. They've only recently come out of "storage". Just seeing the carrier bag into which they had been stuffed several years ago brought back a lot of memories. We were separated for 13 months when he did his military service on the other side of the world (New Caledonia/Nouvelle Calédonie) which is where most of the letters were written. The others are from when I had to return to England to finish my studies. I haven't read them since the (first) break-up. But hey, I've moved on from there, which is why I *won't* be using this as my response to Billy's request.

What I *will* be using is this:

Posted by Hello

This was taken 10 years ago. It is a photo of me and my mum, taken at my brother's wedding. On this occasion, my rule about posting photos of people without their permission cannot apply - unfortunately, she's not around to ask... (click here for more).

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