Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas Digest*

We arrived back in Taunton today after a Mancunian Yuletide week which was thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing and chilled. Well, apart from the last minute "folly dash" round the Trafford Centre to get presents for the out-laws. This was deliberate - I knew that I wouldn’t be able to carry everything on the plane, so decided to buy their presents up there. Luckily, it was a successful trip and I managed to get everything I wanted in a few choice shops without sustaining any physical or mental injury. Apart from having to wait ages for the bus, of course. Not being in possession of any cigarettes to speed up the its arrival (smokers will know what I’m saying here), I finally decided to send a text message to the bus (via the BF – he’s used to receiving nonsense messages from me) along the lines of "Dear bus, please come immediately so that I might board you and be transported in a homeward direction, love Witho". Sure enough, just as the backlight faded from the screen of my mobile, the bus rumbled into view.

My traditional pre-Christmas cold dragged into a second week, but kept its "pre" promise and was, thankfully, gone by Christmas day. I decided I would go for a run as soon as it had departed the "shores" of my nasal passages, but due to the "late doors" white Christmas to which we were treated (an inch came down in the evening of the 25th), the streets were treacherously slippery on Boxing Day and, even with proper walking boots on, I was unsteady whilst walking tentatively on the icy pavements and decided that running, particularly for an oaf such as myself, would have been foolish to say the least.

I won’t bore you with the details of my Christmas hoard – the highlight (apart from the Blackhorse Road t-shirt of course) was the iPod mini which Santa BF was kind enough to bestow upon my good self. The BF is very good at buying things that I want, but would never buy for myself. The last example was the digital camera he got for my birthday. He is also extremely good at *not* being able to keep a secret. I knew about the iPod *weeks* ago, but haven’t used it or mentioned it until now, for reasons even I am unsure of.

I’m not going to gush about the Pod on here – it’s been done to death around blogland and besides, I haven’t fully discovered its gushability (or otherwise) yet. However, I think I may be able to bring a different perspective to the argument, as I am not a digital music player virgin. My trusty flash memory style MP3 player (which the BF will inherit) has accompanied me on many miles of running for nearly 2 years, so I’ll be able to see how the iPod compares. I know, for example, that the Pod is not guaranteed to be jog-proof for more than 25 minutes because it has a hard disk (and thus, moving parts). Thinking about my style of running makes me wonder whether or not it is "plod proof"...

The out-laws were as entertaining as ever, BF’s mum and her sister being not unlike a Laurel and Hardy double act, with BF’s mum’s friend, F, providing the voice of reason during some of the more heated debates.

BF and I were spoilt with the wholesome, homely cooking, plus he got to see United twice at the "Theatre of Dreams" so that should shut him up for, literally, minutes. Possibly. Talking of theatres, we went to see a play at the Royal Exchange Theatre whilst we were there.

This evening, I finally broke my running "fast", having not run for over 2 weeks (what with the cold (virus) and the cold (snow)). I had intended doing a shorter distance than what has become my "usual" 4 miles, but the 3 mile group had been "promoted" into the 4 mile group – the other option was 2.5 miles but I felt that was too much of a backward step, so I stuck out the 4 miles and made it in one piece. I needed that...

Hmmm, I'll shut up now

*I probably *am* still digesting the food, so quite an appropriate term to use, I thought.

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