Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The trappings of youth...

Sometimes I wonder whether I should act my age. The other day, I saw a girl in school uniform (probably around 15 years old) wearing pink flame trainers exactly like mine (as depicted in Kev's pic on the left there). And then there are the clip-on hair streaks (target market - the under 10s) and "Cat bag" (or similar childish "can't fit anything in it but it's kinda cute" style handbag)...

Recent trip to TK Maxx yielded the following:

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I wore this little ensemble (including "Cat Bag"'s replacement: "Afro Bag") last night when we went out for a Chinese to celebrate BF's birthday. He said I looked like a Wookie. Mind you, maybe he too was trying to be "down wiv' da kids", as he asked me to do his hair in a "fin" for the evening. Bless.

I went through a long period of time where I didn't wear any fashionable clothes, preferring instead to shroud myself in black, shapeless garments to hide what lurked beneath. It took me a long time (and a fair bit of pounding the streets) to have the confidence to wear any clothes which revealed my shape to the world and I still find myself avoiding my reflection in the mirror from time to time.

So, in terms of "trendy" clothing, I've got a fair bit of catching up to do. Currently, I appear to be coming to the end of my teenage years. At this rate, I should be in my mid-twenties by the end of next year, and back to my thirties in a couple more years. Then I can start wearing a twinset and pearls. Possibly.

Textual Intercourse

Just having one of those "laugh out loud at desk and keep sniggering at unlikely moments" moments. I got a text from BF where he was amused by the fact that predictive text's first suggestion for "honey" was "goofy", and he proceeded to refer to me as "goofy" throughout the message.

Other texty bits

"lips" and "kiss" are achieved via the same keystrokes.
I always get annoyed by "of" and "me", "go" and "in", "good" and "home" because it always picks the one I *don't* want (I believe this is down to legislation drawn up by Messrs Sod and Co.)

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