Friday, December 10, 2004


4 interviews, 4 rejections. Summary:
  1. Environmental Assistant in Waste Management - no specific reason given, but my face when they told me the salary may have tipped the balance...
  2. Office Manager for Educational Organisation - not enough experience of organising conferences.
  3. Senior Executive Support Officer in a Local Government organisation - lack of experience of line management (i.e. appraising staff etc.)
In the case of the latest one, working as an Information Officer for a Mental Health Organisation, I didn't have enough experience of Microsoft Access which, in itself, is true. The fact that I've developed relational databases involving in excess of 5000 "tables" (as some people like to call them) is, apparently, neither here nor there. Neither is the fact that I've been using most other Microsoft Office applications for over 10 years. In my favour, I have "a lot to offer the statutory sector".

I didn't mention to her that, next week, I'm off to my "sellout" interview for the IT Business Analyst position at a paper company. Yes, a paper company, like out of "The Office". I'm hoping to model myself on Simon, the IT guy who made a brief appearance, but I don't have the requisite knowledge of Bruce Lee films yet.

Seriously though, folks, this is the first job I've applied for that I've really been quite excited about, as sad as that may seem. I feel that I could go to this interview and talk freely and enthusiastically about it, which will make a change.

Due to the lamentable state of public transport down here (train station several miles away from the town it purports to serve, and seemingly no regular bus link), I've had to hire a car to get to the interview. If I get the job, I would have to buy a car. Fact. See, I'm getting into the Brent vibe already!

I want this job.

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