Monday, January 31, 2005

Another eventful few days


During the latter part of last week, I met my new nephew. He didn't do much, just slept lots, went "elaaaa... elaaaa... elaaaa" from time to time and had a rubber-based (rather than flesh-based) teat inserted into his mouth which seemed to appease him for a time. What was encouraging was that he appears to have proper "Witho" dark hair, rather than the platinum blond of his brother which "bothers" me, for reasons I am not sure of.

Living etc

Our sixth month of tenancy on this house has just passed, meaning that we can end the tenancy with just a month's notice. Add to this the fact that I now have a salary on which to base a mortgage and you have a perfect recipe for ... *drum roll*... househunting! It would have been rude not to...

On Saturday, we saw a house which is well within our budget and has everything we're looking for - i.e.:

I say everything *we* wanted - in truth, the Big Fella's list would have been more like:

Easily pleased, bless 'im - which is lucky for me!

In addition, BF had a bit of a chinwag with the lad who was in the house while we were viewing it. It turns out that he used to attend the school where BF now teaches. Being a nosey chap, the BF asked him his name, just out of interest. Imagine his surprise when the BF realises that only that morning he'd been reading a school text book in which that very name was written...

It may have been a sign. It may not have been. Either way, we now seem to have agreed to buy the house!

*is scared now*

I may not be a lady, but I'm "All England"

I have won the public ballot for a pair of tickets to Wimbledon! Before you rip your clothes off with excitement (I *know* that's what you were about to do, you cheeky little reader), what this means is that I have won the opportunity to purchase, at an extortionate price, a pair of tickets to Wimbledon. For a day which the Big Fella might not be able to make due to it being, literally, a "school night".

Current mileage

I ran 9.6 miles (that's 15.45 km) on Sunday. As a reward, the back of my knee is a bit achy. You know, maybe I *can* do a half marathon...

I think that's quite enough excitement for now, don't you?

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